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Corporate clothing and ppe

Bear Holdings Overview

Who we are

Christo and Elise van Jaarsveldt founded BEAR Holdings SA in 2008. Through the years BEAR Holdings SA PTY succeeds to gain a significant clientele by means of quality products, fair pricing, wide range of products and competitive advantages in the production and supply process.


What we offer

We are a Corporate and industrial wear (PPE)  Re-Seller, Already registered with Barron, Proactive and ZA Uniform.


How we do things

BEAR Holdings SA is a productive and trading company, which provides its collections exclusively through its own network of online Shops, Social media and extensive Canvassing of new business. Sales and Branding of Garments, and the production there of is done in Vanderbijlpark and all functions is overseen by the corresponding departments of the company.

This image will take you to barron clothings website where you can view more of the items we sell This image will take you to proactive clothings website where you will fine more of the items we sell and our medical range
This image will take you to za uniforms website where you can find more of our PPE and workwear

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